Jan 24, 2017 · The Sheet Set Manager is launched from the View tab (Palettes panel) or by typing sheetset at the commandline. This “ Manager ” is divided into three tabs, one for managing the sheets, another for managing the views, and the third for managing file locations. TIPniques: Sheet Set Manager, Part 3. In this last portion of the series on drawing documentation, we'll talk about printing, publishing, and archiving the document set using the Sheet Set Manager. This is one of the most crucial parts of the project - when all things are drawn and you are ready to print, publish, and archive.

They actually comes back if you run the Sheet Set manager (command SSM) and have anything in that SSM Recent list. A side effect is that today’s date is used even if you have not even used that Sheet Set for a long time. If you have problem getting rid of the AutoCAD sheet set from recent document list, try this tip. Tip 92. Update the numeration for all sheets in the all opened sheet sets.