Emhart Glass 333 - Material Technical Data Sheet Mix ID: 333 Mix Name: Emhart Glass 333 Type: Cast Application: Emhart Glass 333 is the workhorse for our glass contact expendable refractories. Used for tubes, spouts, plungers, stirrers, crucibles, and skimmer blocks. The 333 is a good all-round mix for corrosion and thermal shock resistance. Acheson's resin dry film Emralon® PTFE coatings provides clean, dry, lifetime lubrication in countless applications. These coatings are industry specified and contribute to the smooth, dependable operation of thousands of products as diverse as household appliances, office equipment, automotive components and aerospace parts. UCT utilizes a variety of different coatings and brands to fit all the needs of our customers. Here are some of the brands and coatings we use on a normal basis.

LIQUID COATING OEM SPECIFICATION SEARCH OEM OEM SPEC CWST COATING No. OEM OEM SPEC CWST COATING 1 3M WCP-17 ISS. 6 Kal-Gard 7300 2 A-C Compressor 337-271 Lubri-Bond A (Aerosol) 3 A/C Electronics 7553206 Everlube 620 4 A/C Electronics 1008939 […] Data Sheet 4 3.2 General Description The Infineon TDA21231 is a multichip module that incorporates Infineon’s premier MOSFET technology for a single high-side and a single low-side MOSFET coupled with a robust, high performance, high switching frequency gate driver in a single PG-IQFN-31-2 package. Henkel ® Industries now manufactures the Acheson Colloids lines of resin and inorganic-bonded coatings, known now as Bonderite ® (formerly EMRALON ® PTFE) and Molybdenum Disulfide & Graphite-based Coatings, to take on lubrication jobs in countless situations—from aircraft to toasters and automobiles to pianos.